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Track Upgrade - Late April
April 19, 2022

Happy Easter to you and your family.

We thought we would share some photo’s of a couple of awesome machines at the track at present. This first one is cutting drain lines into the track every seven metres for the lateral pipes to be placed into these cut lines.

Te Aroha Upgrades April 2022 4

Once the drains have been made, this machine has one side filled of sand and the other side full of fine metal. At once it places a layer of sand and then a layer of metal on top of the drainage pipe to keep the pipe clear of dirt for the water to find its way through.

Te Aroha Upgrades April 2022 5

Over half of the track has been completed with with these laterals. The grass seed on the completed half should be spread this week followed by the second half once the laterals are completed.

Hopefully the fine weather will hold out for another two weeks to complete this work and then someone will need to do the rain dance to get the grass growing. While the grass is growing, work on the ambulance track will continue.